Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy it (the garden) already? / When can I buy the garden?

We’ll start pre-sales in about 1 month. You can register now to our newsletter to be one of the first ones to know the exact date and receive discounts when buying the Myriad Garden.

How much is it going to cost?

The final price of the Myriad Garden is going to be 699€. But in the pre-sales we’re going to offer you great discounts. Register to our newsletter to know more about it!

What will the garden include when I buy it?

With the Myriad Garden comes the 16 seed packages, 16 plugs, 16 netcups, nutrients for the plants and the power supply and the grow lights.


Isn’t it too heavy for the wall? / How heavy is it?

The garden weights less than one of your kitchen cabinets: 12 kg (without water and plants) and up to 30 kg (with full water tank and plants). The hanging rail supports up to 120 kg.

How big is it?

The garden’s size is 70x55x35 cm.

How do I install the garden?

The garden itself comes pre-assembled. You will just need to screw the light fixtures onto the garden and hang it on the wall. Therefore you might need a screwdriver and a drill.

Where can I install the garden?

On any free wall inside your home. You don’t have to worry about hanging it in a dark room since the grow lights are designed to give the plants the right amount they need.


How do I refill the water?

To refill the water tank of your garden, you need to first remove one of your plants from its plant slot. You can pour water through this empty hole with a water can until the Myriad Garden warns you to stop. Finally, place the plant back into its slot. Your garden then is ready to continue taking care of your plants :).

How often do I need to water the plants?

It depends on the growth stage of your plants and how many plants that absorb a lot of water you are cultivating in the Myriad Garden. In normal conditions, you will need to water the garden between once and twice per month.

Can I use tap water? Or do I have to use distilled water?

You can use tap water or distilled water, whatever you prefer. The Myriad nutrients will regulate the pH of your garden to be within the preferred range for the plants.

Do I need to connect the garden to a water outlet?

No. The Myriad Garden has a 5l reservoir, which you will need to refill with fresh water and nutrients every 3-4 weeks. You’ll be able to see the reservoir water level in the touchscreen. If it is too low, you’ll receive warnings from your garden.

Are the lights all the time ON?

No. Plants need to rest as well. We recommend to have the lights on for 15 hours. But you can easily modify your lights timer using the touchscreen.

Is the water pump running all the time?

No. The water pump will be running only a few minutes per day and won’t run outside of the active time of the garden, which you can program via the touchscreen.

What other things can I change in my garden? (Touchscreen)

The touchscreen will allow you to adjust your lights timer, set up your local time and turn on the water pump if needed. There’s also an option to dim down the lights in case you want to watch a movie with a more cozy atmosphere.

We’ll continue adding features to the touchscreen so you can interact even more with your garden. If you have any feedback, let us know to

Do I need to clean the garden? / How often do I need to clean the garden?

We recommend to clean the garden at least once per year. For this you need to follow the cleaning mode instructions that will appear in the display.

Do I need to connect my garden to WiFi? / Will the garden work without WiFi?

We highly recommend to connect it to your WiFi. Like this, the garden will always have your correct local time and will be able to receive updates. If there are new features or bugs, this will be the only way to fix it.

How can I connect my garden to WiFi? (WPS)

In the touchscreen, go to Settings/Set WiFi. Then you have to press the WPS button of your router. Depending on the router, you’ll have to leave the WPS button pressed for a few seconds, or press and immediately release it. If you are having difficulties, let us know in the contact form below.

Can I go on holidays and leave my garden alone running?

The water reservoir in the Myriad garden can last up to 4 weeks, depending on the growth stage of your plants. Check out in the touchscreen when you have to refill the garden again and make sure you leave the water tank full before you leave.

The Myriad Garden

How much energy does the garden use?

Its total energy use is 146 kWh.

What is the energy monthly cost?

It depends on how much energy costs where you live. In Germany, at current energy prices (March 2022), you would be paying 5€/month.

What materials is the garden made out of?

The frame is made out of solid wood treated with children-safe non toxic-oil, the light holders are black metal and the front panel is made out of ABS.


But... this is only for herbs, right? / What can I grow with the garden?

No, in the Myriad Garden you can grow vegetables and fruits too. We specifically want you to try new plants and enjoy the true taste of homegrown tomatoes, peppers, chillies and cucumbers.

Can I also grow decorative plants?

We’re currently experimenting with decorative plants.

How do I plant seeds?

It is very simple. You just have to put the seeds into the plugs and then into the netcups. Instuctions will be included in the package.

Where can I buy seeds?

You’ll be able to buy seeds in our website, but for the pre-sales we’re going to send the garden with a predefined package of seeds.

Can I plant my own seeds?

While you can experiment with your own seeds, we have selected seeds that work extremely well in the Myriad Garden. Therefore, we still recommend you to use the seeds we provide.

How do I refill the nutrient solutions (aka fertilizer)?

Once you fill the water into the garden’s reservoir, the display will tell you how many mililitres you need to put from the nutrient solution we provide you.

How do I pollinate my plants?

It depends on the type of plant. For example, tomatoes are self-pollinating and with a good shake they get easily pollinated. But with cucumbers, you need to wait until there are female flowers to get the pollen from the male into the female flower.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the information you need about the specific plants.

Do vegetables grown in the Myriad Garden taste different from outside grown plants?

Yes, because in the Myriad Garden plants are given exactly what they need. They don’t need to spend energy on fighting pests or suffering from bad weather. Not only they taste better, but they also grow faster because of this.

What to do with plants at the end of their life?

First of all, if you have harvested the fruits, some plants grow back even more! So it depends on the plant itself.

If the plant really is at the end of her life, you can plug it out of the netcup and dispose it in organic waste or on the compost heap, since the plugs are made out of organic coconut fibre.

Can I plug the plants out of the system and carry them around?

Yes, you can. If you don’t hurt the roots and put them in water, the plants can survive a few days. But they won’t grow as good as in the system. Also because of waterlogging the roots can start to rot. So the best thing for the plants would be to leave them in the system until you use them up.

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