Smart Adaptive Technology

By pushing the limits of current technology we have developed an extremely efficient and automated gardening experience.

Something has to change.

Plants needs change over their growth stages. This includes required nutrients, light intensity and light spectrum. Current indoor gardens supply the same amount of light and nutrients which quickly becomes too little for the plant to properly continue growing. We find plants deserve a fair chance at becoming huge and nutritious. So we developed technology that adapts to the plants’ specific needs.

Do the math.

Everything we do, we do efficiently.


more nutrients
than supermarket vegetables


less electricity
than comparable systems


less water
per kg of vegetable mass

Adaptive Lighting Technology

Our inhouse developed grow lights can adapt to the needs of the plants. Additionally, every garden measures the quality of incoming photo- synthetically active radiation. The system doesn’t just supply enough light required to reach optimal growth. It also deregulates or completely switches off extra light in case there’s enough sunlight. This way we can save up to 45% of energy used compared to other vertical farming technology.

Reliable Passive Aeroponics

Aeroponics can double the growth rate of plants by providing a perfectly portioned nutrient solution as a mist. Nutrient uptake requires less energy and happens faster, leading to healthier and faster growing plants. With our patented technology we can create the aeroponic mist without the use of otherwise maintenance-heavy and unreliable electronics.

Digitizing the Growing Process

Myriad has developed and patented a new kind of sensor to measure more plant growth parameters than ever before for only a fraction of the cost of comparable sensors currently on the market. This allows our gardens to learn more about the current states of all plants. Our garden can adapt the growing environment to fit each plant’s specific needs at any time in its growth cycle.

Full Control via Touchscreen

The gardens automatically use their lighting, watering and nutrient supply systems to create the perfect growing conditions without human input. Users can however control the top level settings of these processes via the built in touchscreen. No need to download a mobile phone app.

Technical Data


Height 80 cm

Width 60 cm

Depth 40 cm


Solid Wood (e.g. Oak)


12 kg