“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible
is to venture a little way past them into the impossible”

(Arthur C. Clarke)

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible
is to venture a little way past them into the impossible”

(Arthur C. Clarke)

The Story of Myriad

Myriad’s co-founders, Miriam and Yannic, met at a joint project while working in the Space Industry. They spent their coffee breaks talking about how unsustainable the modern food production is and all the green-washing that is done in the supply chain. Miriam has seen first hand the “sea of plastic” used to grow the “bio”-labelled Spanish tomatoes we buy in Germany [Link]. Remains of one or multiple pesticides were found in almost half of the analyzed probes in 2018 [Link]. With the average vegetable being transported thousands of kilometers over the course of up to 2 weeks they are anything but fresh [Link].

Fed up with the situation they decided to do something against it. They bought soil, pots and seeds and began growing their own vegetables. Living in a small city apartment without a garden, no balcony and zero knowledge of cultivation, this wasn’t going to be an easy task. After several weeks the plants were still tiny and the apartment was full of flies and bugs. Growing vegetables inside the apartment was disappointing and a complete failure.

Miriam Martín González

Electrical Engineer & Product Development

During this time Miriam discovered methods to grow plants without soil in her master thesis. Aeroponics, the cultivation of plants in a nutrient-enriched air is used on the international space station to cleanly grow chillis in space. She felt the technology can be used for their in-house cultivation project and after a few iterations she finished the first working prototypes.

It was absolutely fascinating seeing the seedlings sprout, the first leaves develop, the colorful explosion of flowers and the first tomatoes turning red. All of this with no mess or bugs in the apartment. When they harvested their first tomatoes they fell in love with the sweet, fragrant smell. The unforgettable taste of their homegrown vegetables made them realize that for the first time in their lives they had tasted truly fresh vegetables.

Yannic Hönle

Business Engineer & Data Science

Over the next months they successfully grew their own food on only a few square meters of space: Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, paprika, beans, radishes and various herbs they had never heard of before. While the plants grew fast and beautiful it was still a lot of effort keeping track of all the individual garden systems and the needs of the plants. Spending their weekends looking after the plants became a nuisance and the couple wondered how they could automate the growing process.

With his experience in AI-supported smart systems Yannic proposed the next step of the technology: An autonomous garden. A highly efficient, space saving system that doesn’t require the user’s attention and simply grows the plants by itself. No more entry barriers to gardening. Anybody can grow large amounts of flavorful vegetables like Miriam and Yannic do – no matter how small your flat or how little you know about the cultivation of plants. They quit their jobs to dedicate their lives to making their vision a reality. Myriad was born.

Grow food right where you live

We dream of a world where every human can grow all the vegetables they need right inside their homes. No overproduction, no food waste and no harm to the climate. Only fresh, nutritious and clean vegetables grown without lifting a finger.

Grow plants
where most humans live

70% of the world’s population lives in the city. By using blank space to grow plants, we’re bringing the food production right into your home.

Grow plants
where humans used to live

The small amount of water we use can be collected from the atmosphere. Like this, we can bring desert towns back to life.

Grow plants
where humans will live

In our distributed production there’s no single point of failure. Space colonies will be able sustain themselves with Myriad technology.

We believe in using technology to create a better future

Myriad is an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and designers. We all love solving difficult problems together. We’re driven by our passion to bring the food production back to the people.

Research & Development

We work together with universities to push the limits of automating plant cultivation.


The inhouse electrical engineering team designs the control boards and LED grow lights.

Product Design

Using state of the art rapid prototyping we test and iterate over new products within days.

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Let’s grow together

Our unique patented technology has many potential applications beyond the vertical garden. Send us an email and become an investor or a partner. Together we can create sustainable, highly efficient and autonomous gardening solutions.